About Us

How We Roll

RAMBO has existed as a user group and organizing body since 2010. Our mission is to promote and advocate for mountain biking and trail building in the greater Rifle area. By engaging and leading our community in building and maintaining quality mountain bike-specific and multi-user, non-motorized trails to encourage active lifestyles, healthy living, and environmental stewardship through built environment and recreation opportunities on public land.

RAMBO operates under the umbrella of the Rifle Regional Economic Development Corporation, who serves as our fiscal agent. 

Core Values

Environmental Responsibility – RAMBO believes in responsible use of our public lands and other natural resources. As such, we seek to engage in activities that result in low impact on the flora and fauna of the region and we practice “Leave no Trace” ethics.

Active Lifestyles – RAMBO believes that healthy living starts with healthy habits. Providing opportunities for physical activity is a crucial step in encouraging healthy habits that lead to lower healthcare costs, improved mental cognition, and happier people.

Community – RAMBO is an outlet for like-minded individuals to connect virtually through our Facebook page and in person through mountain biking and a variety of other outdoor pursuits. Our community is always growing.

Education – RAMBO understands that mountain biking is a constantly evolving sport, and one whose participants often share trails with other user groups. Therefore, it is our goal to keep the community at-large aware of the changing needs of cyclists as well as the benefits of having cyclists in our community; and to keep our membership informed regarding public policy, trail conditions, and expanding opportunities.

Economy – RAMBO recognizes cyclists as active participants in the local economy. Bicycles, maintenance, cycling gear, gas, lodging, groceries, dining and entertainment are all prospective sources of tax revenue for the local economy.

Collaboration – At its core, RAMBO is a group of passionate mountain bikers. Nevertheless, realizing our goals will take the work and cooperation of more than just a few dirty cyclists. Likewise, the benefits derived from this work will be enjoyed by a much broader group.


Board Members

Lindsey Williams

Ari Phillipson

Gary Miller
Trail Safety Officer

John Leybourne
Vice President

Arran Shrosbree
Board Member

Alison Birkenfeld
Board Member

Candice Cole 

Ryan Fideldy
Board Member

Josh Nye
Board Member