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Blog Trail News Grand Hogback Extravaganza

When: Saturday, October 2, 2021 @ 845Where: Grand Hogback Trailhead in Rifle, CO RAMBO is stoked to announce our first event out on the new Grand Hogback Trail System. This is NOT a MTB race. This event is considered a FUN-draiser and chance for us to showcase the new trails in the Rifle area in …

August 31, 2021
Trail News Grand Hogback Trails Phase 1 Update

Since our last update in September, we’ve been moving a lot of dirt. With the help of a dedicated group of regular volunteers, and the efforts of Gumption Trail Works, over 5 miles of trail was constructed between August, and December, with approximately .5 mile remaining to complete Phase 1 this spring. The Phase 1 trails …

February 17, 2021
Trail News Grand Hogback Phase 1 Details
Volunteer for Trail Building Two years after the first discussion with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) about the idea of a trail system at the base of the Grand Hogback, RAMBO and our partners have started the first phases of construction on the Grand Hogback Trail System with Rocky Mountain Youth Corps and RAMBO ...
September 10, 2020